Press, Press and More Press!

Over the month of August and into early September, my project entitled “Upping the Aunty” has received a wave of positive press. NPRNBCMidday, The Times of India, The Hindu and others have written about the project and shared photographs from the aunty street style tumblr. Countless others have shared the project through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Little did I know when I started this project that the ubiqutous “Aunty,” her presence and her style, would touch the hearts and minds of thousands of people. From the brilliant historian and critic of Indian culture, Vijay Prashad (who tweeted about the project), to the incredible actor Lisa Ray (who is now a follower), “Upping the Aunty” has people talking about the once forgotten about “Aunty” with her socks with open-toed sandals to her runners with salwars!