Canada Council Research and Creation Grant for Outerwhere

I am thrilled to share the news that the Canada Council for the Arts, Canada’s national arts funding body, has awarded my work-in-progress project, Outerwhere, a major Research and Creation grant.

Outerwhere is currently in production is a series of fibre-based, sculptural installations of embellished second-hand winter coats. Combining found objects: old winter coats from Canada; small trinkets, objects, food wrappers, plastic flowers, fabric ribbons, mirrors and bells from India, fabric swatches, conductive yarns, and small sound players, Outerwhere will explore the binaries of inside/outside, personal/public, past/present as they relate to material culture, climate and the migratory experiences of South-Asian-Canadians.

With this grant, I am able to expand this project and explore new material inclusion into the coat linings. You can see some images of the process so far on Instagram under the hashtag #outerwhereseries.